Survey of Refuges at the GR20

The refuges and bergeries on the GR20 are quite different. Mostly they are basic. Nevertheless, some are quite modern with some sanitary comfort, some have nice pitches for camping, others have quite some supplies to buy. Most offer a menu at the evening, that has to be reserved before 5pm, sometimes even earlier.

Its always good to know if the next refuge offers food to buy or if you should rather resupply at the location before. The following survey may give you some indication. It states the condition at end of June 2017. Situation may change. Feel free to give comments below and we will update the list.


  • Shop means food and other supply offered at the location. Pietra, the Corsican beer, was always available, mostly even cold.
  • Menu indicates there is a dinner offered
  • Camping: we used a 2-person Tarptent, not freestanding, with a very comfortable mat (which I strongly recommend).
  • Toilet and shower were always available. If nothing is stated, there were at least two of them.


  • Shop: 😐 means Canistrelli, Mars, rice or pasta, and a handful other stuff. 😀 means at least 20 articles offered, also some kind of bread and fruit
  • Shower: 💧 cold water, ❄️ glacier cold, 💥 warm water
  • Toilet: 😐 turkey style, 😀 you may sit. There was never toilet paper available. Bring your own or buy at some refuges. 😀 means water closet or compost toilets, which are clean and nice.
  • Camping: smiley indicates the rating of the campsite: scenic, calm, flat and spacious pitches. It might be nice but only few available. This is mentioned in the comment.

Updated with comments from

The refuges, from north to south


Shop 🙁 nothing to buy at refuge. Nearby shops in the village. Spar open till 1pm on a Sunday – sells gas canisters incl screw in.

Menu 🙁 nothing served. Nearby restaurants in the village

Camping 🙁 very cramped and invariably on an ants nest

Toilet 😕 bowl but no seat and no toilet paper (standard everywhere)

Shower 😕💧


Refuge Ortu di Piobbu

Shop 🙁 only Canistrelli, self made cake and Mars

Menu 😊 nice, friendly staff

Camping 🙂 nice, but only few pitches, widespread

Toilet 😊 new compost, 4

Shower 😊 ❄️, new 3


Refuge Carrozu

Shop 😕 only 7 articles

Menu available, not tried

Camping 😐 few small pitches. Get quickly there

Toilet 😊 new compost

Shower 😐 ❄️


Refuge Asco Stagnu

Shop 😊

Menu 😃 in nearby hotel, à la carte

Camping 😊

Toilet 😊

Shower 😊 💥


Bergerie U Vallone (Ballone)

Shop 🙁 nearly nothing

Menu 🙂 stressed staff at dinner, too many people. Breakfast not worth the money.

Camping 😊, only few good pitches

Toilet 🙂 only 1

Shower 😊💥 only 1


Castellu di Vergio

Shop 🙂 fresh bread. Many articles, even Compeed and ice cream

Menu available in hotel, à la carte

Camping 😊, very spacious

Toilet 😊

Shower 😃 💥


Refuge Manganu

Shop 😐

Menu one menu

Camping 🙂 campsite fills up quick

Toilet 😊

Shower 😊 💧


Refuge Pietra Piana

Shop 😏

Menu expensive, 30 €

Camping 😐 few good pitches

Toilet 😐

Shower ❄️


Refuge de l’Onda

Shop 😐

Menu 😁 very nice Lasagne (vegetarian). Have to try.

Camping 😊 nice, but a slope

Toilet 😐

Shower 💧💥(3€)

Refuge Vizzavone

Shop 😀 everything you need, Gas, fresh bread, dried menus, etc.

Menu 😀 2-3 restaurants, nice dishes

Camping 😐 small, crowdy, hard ground, mostly rock

Toilet 😊

Shower 💥


Refuge Fugone / Capannelle

Shop 🙂 Bread

Menu 😀 3 Menus

Camping 😐 few flat pitches

Toilet 😊

Shower 💧


Refuge Prati

Shop 🙁 only few things

Menu 😊 menu available

Camping 😊 super, golf-style, but a slope

Toilet 😐

Shower 💧


Refuge Usciolu

Shop 😊 everything, water melon, fruit, gas, even shoes!!

Menu 😊 plate 10€

Camping 😏 narrow, very busy

Toilet 😤 worst toilet ever

Shower 😕 💧


Bergerie Bassetta

Shop 🙁 nothing

Menu 😊 Restaurant, nice menu

Camping 😊 very little, but nice

Toilet 😊 very clean

Shower 💧 solar heated, but had a technical problem


Bergerie I’Croci

Shop 😐 limited

Menu 😊 restaurant, quite some menues

Camping 😊 nice

Toilet 😊

Shower 💥


Refuge Assinau

Shop 😐 cheese, Canistrelli, cans

Camping 😐 small pitches

Toilet 🤗 new toilets, compost

Shower ❄️


Refuge Paliri

Shop 😐 few things but fine

Menu 🙂 excellent

Camping 😀 very nice pitches and view

Toilet 🙁 very basic

Shower ❄️ just 1


Refuge Tonella in Conca

Shop 😐 not a lot, but camping gas (screw type)

Menu 😀 very nice restaurant, à la carte

Camping 😊

Toilet 😊

Shower 😊



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